Not-for-profit sector:
An increasingly complicated arena

Strict Compliance Standards

Exponential Rise of Investigations

Complex Legal Jargon

Pursue your not-for-profit organisation’s mission without the distractions

Not-for-profits exist to further a particular cause and to provide needed value to the community at large. Often hard pressed for time and resources, organisations cannot be expected to bear the brunt of an increasingly complex legal system.

The need for trusted advisors

Legal work often deals with highly sensitive matters and can determine how well an organisation achieves its overarching objective. In the Not-for-profit space – where an organisation’s mission is paramount – trusted legal advisors become all the more important. There is a need for dedicated lawyers who have a vested interest in the survival and prosperity of the organisation.

The value in long term relationships

Legal experts’ knowledge of clients’ needs builds with time. Sustained engagement keeps lawyers on the lookout for tailored ways to help their client and leaves room for feedback and improvement for the length of the relationship.

Protecting NFPs from defamation

Protecting the reputation of your organisation can be crucial, particularly given the ease with which comments or publications can be released in an increasingly ‘online’ world. Whilst ordinarily companies with more than 10 employees cannot sue for defamation, a specific exception applies to entities that do not operate for financial gain, as is the case for NFPs. If your NFP organisation believes a person or corporation may have communicated or published material which defames your organisation, you may be able to pursue an action for defamation.
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Our Clients

Our Case Studies

Who We Assist

Birchgrove Legal advises a range of Not-for-profit clients, which include:

Community Associations & Centres

Independent Schools

Overseas & Local Aid Providers

International Charitable Organisations

Religious Organisations

Sporting Organisations

Aged-Care Institutions

NFP Activist Groups

Our Services

Our practice provides clients with best-in-class, specialist expertise as well as a team that understands the details of their clients’ operations and the challenges they face. We provide clients with legal support across all areas needed including:

Constitution Creation

Organisational Structure

Compliance & Transactions


Operational Activities


Our Not-for-profit Sector Experts

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Why Birchgrove Legal

Birchgrove Legal provides reliable and effective commercial legal advice and services with a personalised, boutique approach. We act for a diverse range of clients, from individuals to Not-for-profit organisations to large corporate entities. In our years of operation, we have developed strong contacts within both the business and legal communities and work closely with leading barristers and professionals.

We provide our clients with a full range of legal advisory services with a guarantee of skill, knowledge, professionalism and – importantly – a dogged pursuit of their objectives and success.

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Consistent reliability

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