Our Expertise

Birchgrove Legal prides itself on a pragmatic approach to family law matters and our lawyers are well equipped to navigate the emotional sensitivities around these disputes. We are experienced in reaching amicable resolutions prior to lengthy Court proceedings and have a proud record of resolving over 90% of family law matters without the need for a Judge or Magistrate.

Areas of Family Law

As a result of our broad ranging services, Birchgrove Legal specialises in:


Following a separation, you and your former partner need to make decisions on some immediate practical issues. Our lawyers can help you make the right decisions about how the children will be treated, how property will be divided and various financial matters relevant to you.


Applying for a divorce can include numerous technicalities which can have unintended consequences down the track. Our lawyers can carry out the due diligence to make sure you cover your interests in the long run.

Property and Financial Settlements

Negotiating property and financial settlements after a dispute can set the tone for the financial health of parties for years to come. Our firm has experience in deciphering the technical complexity in this area and can look after your interests holistically.

Binding Financial Agreements

Property Orders

Parenting Orders

Dispute Resolution

Why Birchgrove Legal

Birchgrove Legal provides reliable and effective Family Law advice with a pragmatic approach. We work on a diverse range of disputes, from divorce applications to complex property settlement disputes, and pride ourselves on a rigorous yet sensitive approach to this difficult area of the law. In our years of operation, we have developed strong contacts with high quality barristers and professionals and work closely with them to represent our clients effectively.

Strong representation

Uncompromising honesty

Consistent reliability

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