Our Expertise

We’ve had a range of experience working across different tiers of the property and development markets. Our clients have included builders, property developers, independent contractors, sub-contractors, building owners, individuals and more. Over time, we’ve developed an intimate understanding of different client objectives and can tailor any engagement to suit the strategic aims of the client.

Our Services

As a result of our broad ranging services, Birchgrove Legal specialises in:

Dispute resolution and/or litigation

We make sure to devise dispute resolution plans that make the most sense financially and for your long term relationships. If alternative mechanisms do not work, our team is ready to engage in litigation with a view to minimising risks to your brand and financial exposure. 

Pre-contractual drafting and contract review

We’ll make sure that you have a good grasp over the various risks and consequences of any given agreement and can help you draft contracts that work best for your interests.

Payment claims and debt recovery

In large scale projects, disrupted payment flow is almost always an issue. Our lawyers can help you make payment claims and recover debt in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

Joint venture negotiation

We can offer you insightful advice on all joint venture matters including drafting, negotiating and reviewing agreements. Our lawyers have the necessary experience to help you in a commercially astute manner. 

Body corporate advice

Over the years, Birchgrove has advised various Body Corporate Committees, managers and individual unit holders. We can help with Strata Titling and Body Corporate set ups, By-Law interpretations as well as helping you enforce clauses and managing disputes. 

Our Case Studies

Why Birchgrove Legal

Practical & Pragmatic. We understand that business needs are ever-evolving, nowhere more so in this constantly shifting sector. We tailor advice and deliver outcomes that are actionable and beneficial to our clients in their unique context.

Serving the entire life-cycle. We assist clients in each phase of the property development life-cycle: structuring, site-acquisition, planning approvals/appeals, contract negotiations, final delivery, dispute resolution and sales.

Strong representation

Uncompromising honesty

Consistent reliability

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