Birchgrove Legal (“we”, “us” or “our”) is committed to protecting the privacy and security of personal information that it collects through the provision of our services and this website.

If you are giving us personal information, please do so only if you agree to this policy.

We collect personal information that we may use in order to address your legal needs; get in touch with you; and/or ensure that we are sending you resources and material that is relevant.

The information we collect may include your name, address, contact number, email, banking details, or other information such as your employment details. You may provide this information to us when you reach out to us through our website, in person, the phone, emails or when you subscribe to our resources.

We may also use software like cookies on our website to track your usage and to help us personalise our service to you. Please check your browser settings if you do not want to allow this.

Unless legally obligated otherwise, sensitive information will only be requested, used or shared with your consent and only for the reason we collected it.

We use your information to improve our service offering to you. This may include marketing to you.

Sometimes we share your data with social media platforms and this information may be held on according to their own privacy policies, which may not accord with Australian privacy laws.

If you would like to know more about privacy and how Birchgrove Legal protects your personal information, please email: