Maintaining a good reputation assists individuals and businesses in:

Maintaining and attracting new customers and business opportunities

Maintaining existing relations with important stakeholders

Being recognised by the public for quality and reliable goods and services

Being recognised as responsible and trustworthy

The Defamation Act 2005 (NSW) and common law are avenues we can use to help protect your reputation and increase your standing in the community. The law in this area is highly technical and you should engage lawyers who are well versed in this complex legal environment.

At Birchgrove Legal, we can advise both individuals and organisations of all types in all aspects of defamation law, both electronic and through traditional media such as newspapers, radio, or television. We are experienced in this area of law and have successfully fought to protect our clients’ reputations through various remedies to restore their reputation.

Pre-publication advice

We have significant experience advising clients and guiding cases prior to publication, taking strategic legal action to avoid unnecessary heartache and damage to our clients. 

This is an undervalued area where we’ve enjoyed considerable success

Post-publication rectification

We pride ourselves on remedying the reputational damage done post-publication to our clients, thinking outside the box and using industry contacts to fashion remedies that contain, mitigate and repair the damage done.

We have a track record of achieving outstanding outcomes that have won us national recognition in some of Australia’s highest-profile cases.


Post-publication litigation

We have successfully run some of the most complex defamation litigation in Australia, and work with the best barristers in the industry to obtain outstanding outcomes. 

We represent our clients’ rights and interests strongly in all proceedings, and have a track record of achieving outstanding outcomes that have won us national recognition in some of Australia’s highest-profile cases.

Our Cases

Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed

Grand Mufti of Australia and News Corp

  • Sydney’s Daily Telegraph newspaper published two stories highly critical of the response of the grand mufti, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed.
  • The Grand Mufti engaged the services of Birchgrove Legal to sue News Corp for defamation. In a highly publicised result, Birchgrove Legal was able to obtain verdicts against News Corp in the NSW Supreme Court.


Sheikh Shady/Australian National Imams Council and Nationwide News/News Corp

  • Sheikh Shady tasked Birchgrove Legal with initiating legal proceedings for defamation against Nationwide Media and News Corp after they published an article in 2016 imputing that he preached hate towards minority groups and women.
  • After lengthy litigation, a successful resolution was reached, and the matter was resolved on confidential terms with articles concerning him removed from the internet.


Picture of Sheikh Shady, Defamation Case
Three smiling women dressed in orange shirts that say 'GetUp' on them

GetUp! and The Australian and 2GB Radio

  • GetUp! approached Birchgrove Legal seeking advice regarding online defamatory content posted about them on the Australian newspaper and Ray Hadley’s talk show on 2GB radio.
  • Our advice assisted them in deciding their successful steps going forward.

Our Client and The Australian

  • Our client sought Birchgrove Legal’s assistance in settling a defamation dispute with The Australian relating to his extra-curricular pursuits, where The Australian imputed defamatory claims about his involvement in community groups outside of work
  • After swift and extensive negotiations with the publisher, we were able to stop the publication of material containing defamatory content and helped protect our client’s reputation as an upstanding member of the community

International Development Organisation and The Australian

  • We represented a multi-million-dollar company in its fight for redemption against The Australian, after they published an article online associating our client with a convicted terrorist and alleged fraudster.
  • After lengthy negotiations with the publisher, we were able to negotiate the removal of the defamatory content online.
It is important to note that defamation requires timely action. The law asserts that a claim for defamation must be brought one year from the date of publication of the defamatory content and you may be able to avoid damage to your reputation by preventing publication before it happens.

Why Birchgrove Legal

Birchgrove Legal provides reliable and effective defamation advice with a rigorous approach. We have acted for various clients including independent schools, national religious institutions, corporations and high profile individuals. In our years of operation, we have developed strong contacts with high quality barristers and professionals and work closely with them to represent our clients effectively. 

Strong representation

Uncompromising honesty

Consistent reliability

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