In this case study, we highlight our recent success in a criminal matter where we achieved an outstanding outcome for a client: a small pecuniary penalty in contrast to the extensive jail term that was otherwise possible.

Birchgrove Legal recently represented a client who was charged with one count of possession or use of a prohibited weapon without permit and one count of use of a prohibited weapon contrary to a Weapons Prohibition Order that he was served with three years prior.

Birchgrove successfully put forward representations to the police for the second offence to be withdrawn in exchange for a plea to the first offence.

The maximum penalty for the offence is 14 years imprisonment if the matter was heard on indictment.

However, the court was persuaded to order a fine of 100 penalty units ($1100) and forfeiture of the weapon for destruction, given the submissions made by Birchgrove that emphasised the nature of the prohibited weapon, the purpose of punishment, the compelling and genuine letters provided to the court and the client’s remorse and standing in the community.

Given the stark contrast between the extensive term of imprisonment that the client faced at sentence and the pecuniary penalty he ultimately received, the outcome was very happily received.

In a light-hearted turn of events, our client has insisted that we highlight his feedback to us as part of a case study documenting his case. While we take client confidentiality with the utmost seriousness, we are humbled and delighted to share his “WhatsApp” communication with us with relevant redactions.

Birchgrove Legal continues to achieve significant outcomes for our clients in a range of criminal law matters. If you are looking for an experienced, highly skilled and pragmatic legal team that defends client interests like their own, contact us today.

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