In this case study, we highlight our recent success in a criminal law matter, where we represented a client whose parole was revoked by the NSW State Parole Authority (‘SPA’). Birchgrove Legal worked successfully to have this outcome overturned on review.

The SPA had made an order for revocation of the Parole Order issued to the client. The reason for revocation cited by the SPA was that the client’s release into the community had proven not to be in the public interest and that he is not of good behaviour nor adapting to “normal lawful community life”.

Birchgrove sought a review hearing of that decision.

The primary suspected reason for the SPA’s revocation of the client’s parole was that he was charged with new criminal offences whilst on parole.

Birchgrove argued before the SPA that this was a speculative and tenuous basis upon which to revoke parole, as supported by the factual matrix which indicated the high degree of failure on the part of the prosecution to discharge proof of the client’s offending to the requisite criminal standard, namely beyond a reasonable doubt.

Birchgrove also engaged a drug rehabilitation treatment plan in order to address the SPA’s concerns of the client’s difficulties with adapting to normal community life. We represented the client at his review hearing.

The review panel decided in favour of our client’s appeal and reinstated his parole immediately, fully and unconditionally. This was an outstanding outcome in challenging circumstances.

Birchrgove Legal continues to achieve significant outcomes for our clients in a range of criminal law matters. If you are looking for an experienced, highly skilled and pragmatic legal team that defends client interests like their own, contact us today.

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