Bachelor of Laws and Commerce major in Finance (Macquarie University)

Rachel Duong

Law Clerk, Civil Team

In July 2023, Rachel became a member of the Birchgrove Legal team, serving as a law clerk. Rachel’s role involves supporting the civil team and working across a diverse range of legal practice areas, including corporate and commercial law, civil litigation, property law, family law, and matters related to charities and not-for-profits. Her responsibilities encompass a wide array of tasks, including preparing court documents, compiling evidence, generating corporate governance documentation, developing business plans and policy documents, conducting legal research, and drafting client correspondence. Before her role at Birchgrove Legal, Rachel gained valuable experience as a volunteer legal assistant at a community legal center dedicated to assisting vulnerable individuals and communities by providing them with access to legal advice and resources. Outside of her legal profession, Rachel has accumulated a broad spectrum of experiences in fields such as migration, management, business strategy, and administration. Currently, Rachel is in her fourth year at Macquarie University, pursuing a dual Bachelor of Laws and Commerce with a major in Finance. When she’s not at work, Rachel takes pride in her commitment to a healthy lifestyle. She has a strong interest in nutrition and holistic health, dedicating time to creating recipes and adopting various practices to align with her wellness goals. Additionally, Rachel places a high value on optimizing her mind and enjoys reading and learning about human psychology and behaviour.