Birchgrove Legal’s defamation team was briefed by the Sydney Tree Company, which had been at the receiving end of an aggressive Google Review alleging misconduct and improper behaviour on the part of our client.

The allegations in question had been made by the neighbour of one of STC’s customers. During the completion of works carried out by our client, access was sought through the backyard of an
adjacent house.

Upon the completion of works, the owner of the neighbouring property alleged that our client had damaged her property and conducted himself in a manner unbefitting of the owner of a company. A negative Google Review was left against our clients.

Once instructed, our dedicated defamation team undertook a thorough analysis of the comments made and determined that the imputations carried by the Google review warranted a case in defamation against the party in question.

We advised our clients and provided them with a number of legal avenues to remedy the matter. After considered negotiation with the other party, we were able to reach a successful resolution, with all defamatory imputations removed from our client’s Google page.

In the digital era, reputation is paramount, and comments and imputations on digital channels are among the most precious assets for a commercial organisation.

If you feel like you have been made the subject of defamatory publications, please do not hesitate to contact our team for an obligation-free consultation to assess your legal options against the publisher.

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